Currently, there are 18 faculty members in the Department. The faculty members have specialization in one or more of the major areas of activity of the Department. From time to time, the department has the benefit of getting the services of Visiting Faculty from Industry and Research Organisations.

The faculty members of the Department of Aerospace Engineering are:

Head of the Department

Prof. K. Bhaskar


  Dr. Bhaskar, K.

  Dr. Gokhale, S. S

  Dr. Job Kurian

  Dr. Ramakrishna, M.

  Dr. Santhakumar, S.

  Dr. Sriram, P.

  Dr. Sujith, R. I.

Associate Professors

Dr. Chakravarthy, S. R.

  Dr. Velmurugan, R.

  Dr. Luoyi Tao.

Assistant Professors

  Dr. Amit Kumar

  Dr. Murthy, H. S. N.

  Dr. Nagendra Gopal, K. V.

  Dr. Nandan K Sinha

  Dr. Muruganandam T M

  Mr. Rajan, S. C.

  Dr. Ramakrishna, P.A.

  Dr.Sunetra Sarkar

Eminent Professor

  Dr. Tulapurkara, EG

Retired and Re-employed