Dr. Luoyi Tao

Name:   Dr. Luoyi Tao

Designation:   Associate Professor

Office Address:   ASE 104
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai, 600036

Office Hours:  

Phone Number:   +91-44- 2257 4003 (Office)

Email Address(es):   luoyitao@ae.iitm.ac.in

Personal Home Page:   http://www.ae.iitm.ac.in/~luoyitao

  • B.Tech., Turbomachinery, HUST, Wuhan, China, 1982

  • M.S., Engineering Thermophysics, HUST, Wuhan, China, 1985

  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, PA, 1992

  Professional Experience:
  • Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras (2006 -- present)
  • Research Associate, Texas A & M University (1996 -- 2006)

  Areas of expertise:
  • Continuum mechanics and its applications (fluids, solids, multiphase flows, etc.)

  Most recently taught courses at IIT Madras and elsewhere:
  • to be update


  Research Interests:
  • Foundation of continuum mechanics
  • Turbulence modeling
  • Elastoplasticity and nanomaterials
  • Statistical mechanics, information and complex systems simulation
  • Gas Dynamics

  Most recently published papers:
  • Rajagopal, K. R., Tao, L. and Chen, G. Q., Some issues in constitutive modeling. Communications in Nonlinear Science & Numerical Simulation, 9, 305-312, 2004.

  • Rajagopal, K. R. and Tao, L., On the propagation of waves through porous solids. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 40, 373-380, 2004.

  • Rajagopal, K. R. and Tao, L., On the response of non-dissipative solids. Communications in Nonlinear Science & Numerical Simulation, doi:10.1016/j.cnsns. 2006.09.010.

  Short term courses conducted:

  Future plans:

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  Memberships in professional societies:
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  Other details:
  • Enjoying reading poetry and books in humanities, etc.
  • Interested in Taoism and Zen Buddhism
  • Enjoying questioning, pondering, exploring and daydreaming