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Dr. R. I. Sujith

Name:   Dr. R. I. Sujith

Designation:   Professor

Office Address:   RGDL 207
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai, 600036

Office Hours:  

Phone Number:   +91-44-2257 4012 (Office)

Email Address(es):   sujith@ae.iitm.ac.in, sujith@iitm.ac.in

Personal Home Page:   sujith

  • B.Tech.(Aero) IIT, Madras (1988)

  • M.S. (Aero) Georgia Institute of Technology (1990)

  • Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology (1994)

  Professional Experience:
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Georgia Tech (1995)

  • Lecturer, IIT Madras (1995)

  • Assistant Professor, IIT Madras (1996)

  • Associate Professor, IIT Madras (2004)

  • Professor, IIT Madras (2006)

  Areas of expertise:

  Most recently taught courses at IIT Madras and elsewhere:
  • AS101 Introduction to Airplane, Power Plants & Systems

  • AS301 Introduction to Aerospace Technology

  • AS-502 Elements of Gas Dynamics & Propulsion

  • Alexander Van Humboldt Fellow (2000 - 2001)

  • Young Engineer award of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (2002)

  • Top graduate student in the college of Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (1994)

  • HAL prize for first rank in B.Tech. at IIT Madras (1988)

  Research Interests:
  • Gas Dynamics

  • Acoustics

  • Combustion Instability

  • Optical flow diagnostics

  Most recently published papers:

  Short term courses conducted:

  Future plans:

  Details of major sponsored research projects:

  Details of major consultancy projects:

  Memberships in professional societies:
  • Member, AIAA

  • Member, Acoustic Society of America - Madras India Chapter

  Current M.S. thesis guidance:
  Current Ph.D. thesis guidance:

  Past M.S. thesis guidance:

  Past Ph.D. thesis guidance:

  Other details:
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