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ஆமாச்சு ramadasan at amachu.net
Sun Jul 25 11:57:32 IST 2010

// No one objected when he was first nominated
and no one else stepped forward. I think though Ma Sivakumar stepped forward
he later agreed to Amachu taking over. If there are irresolvable issues with
his moderating, then he can be replaced!!//

I am happy to share the responsibility to anyone coming forward to take it up. If any one is willing to do so Please share it in the ilugc.tamil list. 

Right now, Prof. Sriram, Ma Si & myself have the admin credentials to the list. I am labelled to the external world as Admin. Thats it. 

In fact, I had mentioned in a private conversation of interested people wanting a Tamil list for ILUGC, that I have had similar oppurtunity in the past. I wish some who haven't been in a similar responsilbity to take up.

Later I agreed on the request of Ma Si.



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