Re: [Ilugc.tamil] தமிழ்நாடு - மேல்நிலைப் பள்ளி கணினி பாடங்கள்

Thiagarajan Pillai thiagupillai at
Thu Jul 29 18:52:36 IST 2010

I request every one to know the other part of Linux / Windows / Schools system

1) The Computers are installed with Linux and recently Windows 7 also
officially purchased and given.
2) Still they struggle to Compile C, C++  in Linux and Windows 7
3) The Computer Teachers are doing their best to serve for the student
[ keeping special classes during holiday, ]
4) We can not say "They did not learn, because they will not get
increment ", this is hurting me.
5) Students are equally interested in learning Linux and Windows, in
fact more in linux , because it is not installed in other places.
6) Since almost all the computer teachers are deputed for Non-Teaching
, Clerical work related to Education Dept. they are unable to spend
quality time with students.
[ Check how many days they were in ON DUTY , last academic year ]
7) It is the School Office Staff and Edu Dept Staff at district level,
who are not willing to learn / unable to learn / lack of time /
unimaginable workload  leads to request / force the computer teachers
to do non-teaching jobs.
8) I strongly believe , Majority of the computer teachers are already
familiar with Linux system
9) I also know "some" of the Office Staff are highly skilled in computer usage.

more in next

have a nice day


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