[Ilugc] USB bluetooth dongle which works in Linux

Vishnu Vijayaraghavan vishnu.vijayaraghavan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 08:05:28 IST 2005

On 10/10/05, Shiva KM <kmshiva at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>      I'm looking for a Bluetooth dongle which I can plug into the USB
> port which will work in Linux. I am running both Ubuntu 5.04(on an
> Compaq nx5000 laptop) and Slackware 10(on an nforce2 based mobo).

Any USB Bluetooth Dongle with CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) chipset
works fine in Linux. Bluez also supports CSR well.

>       From what I've heard from some friends, there are some dongles
> available for less than Rs.400 from ritchie street (the usual brand x,
> made in china, taiwan or something) which work in windows, though I
> havent had the opportunity to try them out in linux.

My USB Bluetooth dongle was also brought from Ritche Street (brand x,
made in china). But, it had the CSR Chipset, so my Dongle works fine
in LINUX. Make sure you bye a CSR Chipset USB Bluetooth Dongle.

 Brand doesn't matter, Chipset matters.


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