[Ilugc] Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 released today!

Aanjhan R aanjhan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 18:12:56 IST 2006

Hi All,

On 6/1/06, KaruppuSwamy T <karuppuswamy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am waiting for Ubuntu Dapper  6.06 to be released today. Though the
> final
> release is available for download at
> ftp://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/.pool,

I have been using the Dapper Beta 6 and then upgraded to Dapper 6.06 (Long
term Support, Release Candidate LTS RC) . It is terrific.. But just that
after loads of bug reports and more to come from users after they start
using packages and solving some and packaging some Dapper has become a bit
boring for me now. I have uploaded some 3 screenshots of my Dapper RC on
flickr. Looking forward for Edgy already.. w00t!! It auto-detected my long
term dormant Broadcom 4318 802.11 Card?? Even ndiswrapper had some
problems.. Thats boring because it does not test my hacking skills :-)

I am waiting for the official
> release. I am eager to see the first installation report mail from
> lug,chennai.

Shakthi had already posted some details regarding this.. Check archives. But
overall Ubuntu  - Rocks.. :-)

DISCLAIMER: The above views are mine and was not influenced by any third
party other than Ubuntu and Canonical. It does not intend to start a flame
war regarding Distros. :-)

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