[Ilugc] reg Canon Digi-cams

Sivasankar Chander siva.ilugc at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 10:01:18 IST 2006

On 5/31/06, Raja Subramanian <rajasuperman at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a Canon IXUS2 and 350D and have no problems with gphoto2.
> Both of them use USB and I run an ancient Debian stable without
> any problems at all.
> Check the gphopto2 camera compatibility list and google for the
> camera settings (you may need to fiddle with "normal" and "ptp"
> modes before your camera is detected).

  Mine is a Powershot S210 (Ixus V2 in Asia/Pacific). I do it
the hard way - by pulling out the CF card, plugging it in
any of numerous USB->CF adapters available locally, and
copying out all the .jpg images. I use gqview to view/edit
the images, and Gimp for more heavyweight processing (rarely).

  Apparently, Picasa for Linux can detect plugged in cameras,
but I haven't tested it with the Canon.

The last time I checked, Gimp  could not handle "raw" format
> images and Canon's Windows utilities were required for
> processing the images.  You may want to check that again.
>    I had some colour issues with skin tones, but it could be my
monitor gamma.


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