[Ilugc] Tamil typewriting lessons on GNU/Linux

balachandar muruganantham mbchandar at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 10:52:00 IST 2006


On 6/1/06, Shakthi Kannan <cyborg4k at yahoo.com> wrote:
> வணக்கம்!
> I have uploaded Tamil typewriting lessons for learning

good to know that

> I use Ubuntu Dapper Beta with "Tamil Unicode" keyboard
> preferences (as used in Dapper Beta).
> You can check it out from here:
> http://www.shakthimaan.com/ta/computer/computer.html

instead of learning the tamil type writer, i think we could use scim
which is a transliterator that means if u type in english, it would be
automatically transferred to your language. i hope in thamizha.com i
see tamilkey which helps u type in english with slight adjustment in
unicode which will be transliterated to tamil on the fly while typing.
say to type bala in tamil, i can use baalaa which will give u பாலா in
tamil. so it would be easier to learn. also thamizha.com provides
firefox extension to type in tamil.

> I have also uploaded keyboard mappings and finger
> position diagrams for reference.
> Practice each lesson atleast 5 times, and spend
> atleast 20-30 minutes per day practicing the lessons.
> You can use Tamil99 (TSCII), Tamil99 (Unicode), Tamil
> Anjal (Unicode), TamilVP (TSCII), or TamilVP (Unicode)
> input methods as well (right click in the Gnome
> application -> Input methods).
> நன்றி,
> சக்தி.
> --

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