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On 6/2/06, U M A R <amu_314 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> hi chaks,
>                   how do u do?
> I need one help.I want to auto mount usb using hotplug how can i do that.Ihave one script that finds out all the devices attached to the PC and mounts
> it ,but dynamically i want to run that script, like if i inserted an usb
> that script should run so that usb will mount.I found out that
> /et/hotplug/usb.agent will run when usb devices wil insert.So i added my
> script to that file,but at the time my script is running to mount usb is not
> able to fetch information about usb so its not mounting.But after
> inserting the usb if i run the same script manually USB is mounting.Howcan i automate this process.
> I want to know the last script that is running when usb is inserted.????/

As other replies tell, hotplug is rather now integrated as a kernel part and
its been depreciated with the advent of HAL and UDEV.You can easily modify
the UDEV scripts to mount USB devices when inserted at your specified
location. Whatever distros i used, they are using UDEV and HAL, i havent
dealt with Hotplug.Damn Small Linux(DSL) uses Hotplug.DSL scripts might help
you.Its a live CD.

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