[Ilugc] Tamil typewriting lessons on GNU/Linux

Shakthi Kannan cyborg4k at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 2 00:39:13 IST 2006

Hi Balachandar,

--- balachandar muruganantham <mbchandar at gmail.com>
> i think
> we could use scim
> which is a transliterator that means if u type in
> english, it would be
> automatically transferred to your language. 

Transliteration is useful for beginners, no doubt.
But,  if you intend to use/promote Tamil in the long
run, and you want to do professional work, I wouldn't
recommend it. Its much faster to use the Tamil
keyboard input, than use transliteration.

I will give you another example. Just like different
input methods for Tamil, there are many input methods
for Mandarin Chinese.

The quick and dirty method is to use the Pinyin method
(romanized). It takes many key strokes to input a
method, but, since pronounciation and written have
nothing in common in Mandarin Chinese, this method is
easier for beginners or non-native speakers to use.


But, native speakers in Mainland China use the Wubi
method. There are journalists who are known to hit 160
words (characters) per minute. Each character can be
uniquely entered using scim input Wubi method, within
4 key strokes. 





Shakthi Kannan

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