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Fri Jun 2 22:30:09 IST 2006

>>>>> "Raja" == Raja Subramanian <rajasuperman at gmail.com> writes:

    Raja> Hi,
    Raja> On 5/31/06, Venkatraman S <blizzard_venkat at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
    >> I came to know from this link that Canon Digi cams are Linux
    >> friendly. Does anyone have any prior experience with ( Canon +
    >> app on Linux ) combo?

    Raja> I have a Canon IXUS2 and 350D and have no problems with
    Raja> gphoto2.  Both of them use USB and I run an ancient Debian
    Raja> stable without any problems at all.

    Raja> Check the gphopto2 camera compatibility list and google for
    Raja> the camera settings (you may need to fiddle with "normal"
    Raja> and "ptp" modes before your camera is detected).

    Raja> The last time I checked, Gimp could not handle "raw" format
    Raja> images and Canon's Windows utilities were required for
    Raja> processing the images.  You may want to check that again.

$ apt-cache show gimp-ufraw
Package: gimp-ufraw

Description: gimp importer for raw camera images
 This is a graphical tool to import raw data from high-end digital cameras
 into the Gimp.
 gimp-ufraw has lots of preprocessing options which seem to duplicate gimp's
 features. Unfortunately, they are necessary because its 8-bit limitation
 would cause major quality problems.



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