[Ilugc] reg mySql DB in InstantRails

Mano manokaran at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 09:52:58 IST 2006

On 5/31/06, Venkatraman S <blizzard_venkat at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Vamsee Kanakala <vamlists at gmail.com> wrote: On 5/31/06, Venkatraman S <
> blizzard_venkat at yahoo.co.in> wrote: Now, how do i find the name of the
> mySQL DB installed in my machine? and how do i connect to the same?
> I think you need to do some reading up on mysql basics first. You need to
> create your rails application and then create your database instance. Before
> that, you need to create a user acccount with mysql server. Never used
> Instant Rails, so can't help you with the details.
> I am pretty much comfortable with databases :D ...my question was very
> much specific to configuring mySQL DB along with InstantRails.
When you create your rails application 'Foo',  a database.yml file is
created in the config directory under your applications dir. This file has
configuration parameters for three databases, namely, foo_development,
foo_test and foo_production. You'll have to create your databases using
these names (or change these parameters in the file to reflect the names you
have given to your db). Also the password field will be empty. You'll have
to fill in these too with the relevant values.

Hope this helps.

There is a chennai ruby user group with its own mailing list:


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