[Ilugc] how to configure my laptop with wireless bsnl modem

Balaji Narayanan lists at balajin.net
Sat Jun 3 12:16:19 IST 2006

>>>>> "Right" == Right  <d.srikrishnan at gmail.com> writes:

    Right> hi folks, I have my DELL -D400 laptop. And i have wifi
    Right> enabled broadband connection at my home. My laptop is wifi
    Right> enabled, and i dont know how to connect to my modem/ap with
    Right> my laptop.  Any help would be appreciable.

What distro are you using. On my Ubuntu, it is as simple as, System ->
Administration -> Networking, selecting the correct interface and then
providing the parameters, provided your card is recogonised.

If you have an unsupported card, another option might be to try to see
if it works under ndiswrapper.


    Right> Regards, Srikrishnan.


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