[Ilugc] Voice and video chat in linux

Natarajan V rajanvn at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 18:59:17 IST 2006

Hi Srinivasan,

On 5/31/06, Shrinivasan T <tshrinivasan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I use suse 10.
> Got BSNL Broadband.
> I have a lot of friends in yahoo messenger.

Me too.

> I use kopette for chat.
> How to voice and video chat with yahoo people?

You can use gyach, But it will work only if and only if you have got
the eSound sound driver. No, it won't work with ALSA :-(

gaim-vv (Gaim, Voice-Video, thanks to the respondents of my query long
back) is a good option. Gaim-VV has currently been put on hold, so
that it can be merged after the final release of gaim2.0. As of now
Gaim 2.0 is on Beta 3. After the final 2.0 release, they will start
integrating gaim-vv into Gaim 2.0. I am eagerly waiting for that.

> Have any body succeeded?
I did not succeed as my intel original Mother board with 840 chipset
was supported by ALSA, and I did not try eSOUND.

As of other options, to talk to my brother in Singapore, I came with a
beautiful combination of best sound and video quality, I have ever
seen on a PC. Though not always the right choice for a Linux enthu.
the combination just works fine :-)

have skype for voice chat. It works beautifully on Linux.

Download aMSN from Source Forge. aMSN supports two way half duplex
video conversation.

I was also successfull in using GnomeMeeting in combination with
Microsoft NetMeeting (on the other end). But the video and voice
quality was no where near the Skype and aMSN combo.....


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