[Ilugc] regarding name at command prompt

Balaji Narayanan lists at balajin.net
Sat Jun 3 19:47:04 IST 2006

>>>>> "sudheer" == sudheer  <urwithsudheer at gmail.com> writes:

    sudheer> Hi all In my system till yesterday the command prompt at
    sudheer> the terminal is as below .  [root at localhost root]# This
    sudheer> is pretty fine and working well.

    sudheer> Don't know how happened , today it is as below:
    sudheer> bash-2.05b#

    sudheer> And is always same in whatever path i am.  bash-2.05b#
    sudheer> bash-2.05b# pwd /root bash-2.05b# cd Others/ bash-2.05b#
    sudheer> bash-2.05b# pwd /root/Others bash-2.05b#

    sudheer> The colours of the files are same irrespective of normal
    sudheer> files, directory , etc - all are black. I dont have
    sudheer> .bash_profile even, i have just copied it from other
    sudheer> system and tried but nothing differnence.

Are you sure you did not delete any dotfiles accidentally? Looks like
you are missing your .bashrc.



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Cosmic ray particles crashed through the hard disk platter

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