[Ilugc] Problems configuring network on kubuntu 6.06

Muralidharan V muralidharan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 16:32:20 IST 2006


     I just installed kubuntu 6.06 and I cant seem to be able to get the
network working. The network has two machines, and one airtel adsl
modem/router to connect to the internet. We use static ips, the modem uses and i'm supposed to use The modem is the gateway on
the network. These setting were working fine on my old box which ran FC3. I
just bought a new box, and the same configuration works fine on it in
windows. However, on kubuntu 6.06 i can ping my own box, but cannot ping the
modem or the other machine. I have an asus motherboard(a8n-vm series) with
an nvidia nforce chipset and an onboard ethernet card.

    Has anybody else faced a similar issue(maybe a kubuntu 6.06 issue or a
lan card issue)? Any suggestions/pointers will be appreciated.


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