[Ilugc] June Month ILUGC Meeting

Raja Subramanian rajasuperman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 19:05:36 IST 2006


On 6/5/06, Aanjhan R <aanjhan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ah. I hav been using Ubuntu from Breezy to Dapper Flights to Beta to RC to
> the Release one.. No problem in giving a Demo.

Thanks! I look forward to it (and if he's coming, Suresh as well).

> But I suspect a Distro flame
> war :-) I know quite a people who are dead against Ubuntu ;-) [Whatever the
> reaosn is] So better get a personal demo than a public one. Safe for All :-)

I've never used Ubuntu, or seen someone using it either.  So I come without
and preconceived ideas.  From my end, it's a purely educational experience.
I just want to see if Ubuntu's strengths line up with any of my expectations
from a distro/OS.

I can't speak for others, so you may need your asbestos suits :-)

- Raja

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