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Kumar Appaiah akumar at ee.iitm.ac.in
Tue Jun 6 12:48:54 IST 2006

On 06/06/06, R. Ramkumar <andyetitmoves at gmail.com> wrote:
> more details please :) afaik, debian uses ubuntu's packages as the
> first step for many of the releases (esp. the big ones, like the
> recent Xorg 7 which migrated to testing), and then tweaks and modifies
> them further till it's own set of stringent norms are met. i am not
> really sure of how things go on internally (may be the Debian X Strike
> Force created the packages which were taken up by Ubuntu?), but
> shouldn't all this mean that Ubuntu's debs are somewhat close to how
> vanilla Debian's debs are built and packaged?

No wonder by Xorg drivers blew when I upgraded to Xorg 7!

On a related note, I hope everyone here remembers that Ubuntu has
often drawn flak for their non-support to migrate patches to the
parent Debian packages. Many Debian developers who aren't Ubuntu
developers often complain about the fact that incompatibilites in the
Debian and Ubuntu packages and not enough cooperation doesn't help
them get the patches easily.

That is, Ubuntu has made no attempt to maintain the Debian packaging
guidelines per se. Also, notice that among all the biggies in the DCA
Common Alliance (Yes, it's a recursive acronym), Ubuntu is missing!
Shows what little respect Shuttleworth has for Ubuntu's parent
project? I certainly think so.

(BTW above statements are best to my knowledge. Please feel free to
correct them, and I don't mean to offend anyone!).


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