[Ilugc] Increasing the number of characters in a command line

R.Ramkumar andyetitmoves at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 09:24:51 IST 2006

> I want to move some 10 or 20 files with the mv command to one directory. But if the file names are long the number of characters in the command line is also more and it is not allowing me to add more files to the list.

most systems have a limit on the size of the command line. on
gnu/linux, i guess it is 32676 characters or something like that
(./configure usually checks for that).. this limit is not
configurable, but i am sure having 20 files will not cross this limit.
please check if your shell has a problem displaying arguments with
more than a screen line on the terminal. (i think bash had this
problem of not being able to edit previous lines, once you enter an
additional line... i dont use bash now, so i don't know if that bug is
still there...i don't have any problems with multi-line editing on
zsh). if u want to go for more than the upper limit, sorry, out of
luck. you might have to use xargs.

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