[Ilugc] How to effectively avoid spam mails in solaris

Suresh Ramasubramanian linux at frodo.hserus.net
Thu Jun 8 14:07:49 IST 2006

Senthil Murugan wrote:
> May be u can use ASSP SMTP proxy server. It will be sufficient for
> Small Medium Business

Look .. she's already using brightmail.  And that's carrier / freemail 
class (hotmail uses it for example, as do several other ISPs)

If they can afford to pay for brightmail they'd probably scale a bit 
beyond ASSP.  And I'd suggest Spamassassin instead of ASSP myself but at 
the sort of loads I'm thinking about .. you'd have to triple h/w 
capacity -- several racks worth -- to do that

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