[Ilugc] Configuring Dataone on SmartAX MT-800

Sriram Kalyanasundaram ksriram29 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 8 15:54:28 IST 2006

I have used rpppoe but don't remember it now.
I will give you a alternative way to configure your Dataone Connection.
You can configure your connection through your MT800 Configuration Manager

Note: If you have used the Dataone connection in windows without dialling a 
you can skip the first four points and straight away go to the fifth point.  
Once it is configured
like this, you won't have to dial your Dataone Connection in windows also. 
You can start browsing
as soon as the ADSL link status indicator turn amber coloured.

1. Your CPE by default has a IP address of . Configure your 
ethernet card
to have a address in the same subnet (for e.g. with a subnet 
mask of .

2. Now start your browser and type in the address bar and press 
enter. A dialog box will
appear asking for user name and password. The default username and password 
is 'admin' (without the quotes. User name and Password are same by default). 
If you have changed the password type in that password instead of 'admin". 
Now you will be shown a Configuration interface of the CPE.

3. Click the ATM Setting link the left frame. You will be shown the ATM 
Setting page. Change the "connection type" to 'ppp' and "PPPoA/PPPoE" field 
to 'PPPoE'. Make sure that the 'enable' option is selected in the "Default 
Route" field.  Next give the User name and Password you used to connect in 
the respective fields. The "Use DNS" field must have the 'enable' option 
selected. Click the small lens icon in the status field. It will pop up a 
window. In the window select the 'start on Data' option for the "Change 
Status" field. Click the submit button in the pop up window and also the ATM 
Settings page.

4. You have to save the configuration and reboot your CPE for the changes to 
take effect. Click on the save and reboot link in the left frame and follow 
the instructions. Once you have rebooted the CPE, wait till the ADSL Link in 
the CPE to turn amber colour. Again go to the MT800 Configuration Manager 
and check the status of the WAN interfaces. If you are connected then you 
will have a IP address and gateway address (not

5. Now go to your LAN interface settings and set the Primary DNS to and Default Gateway Address to .

Start your browser and check whether you can browse the Internet.

>From: "MonojKumar Raja" <monojkumar2001 at gmail.com>
>To: ilugc at ae.iitm.ac.in
>Subject: [Ilugc] Configuring Dataone on SmartAX MT-800
>Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 18:01:54 +0530
>I use a Redhat 9 box with Dataone connection. My modem model is
>SmartAX MT-800. I downloaded and installed rppppoe. But i'm not able
>to figure out what i should set for DNS server and stuff like that.
>Someone please give me pointers to some page which gives information
>about configuring rpppoe to get my dataone connection working.
>MonojKumar Raja
>B.E. GeoInformatics
>College of Engineering Guindy
>Anna University, Chennai 25
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