[Ilugc] Google Browser Sync for firefox

Binand Sethumadhavan binand at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 12:24:10 IST 2006

On 09/06/06, balachandar muruganantham <mbchandar at gmail.com> wrote:
> even i get patches for stable releases. what does the stable mean
> than.... in that case are are in progress,... i mean in beta testing

Typically, software development goes through these phases:

1. Pre-alpha - interfaces are developed, project roadmap is defined.
Features can be partially implemented, can change, can drop out
altogether, not suitable for anything except for the developers

2. Alpha - The project roadmap and the interfaces etc. are all defined
at the beginning of this stage, full speed coding ahead. Features etc.
will not change. Unit tests are run. Might run some regression tests.

3. Beta - Development completed, active testing/QA. Regression
testing, stress testing, bugs fixed etc. Features or roadmap won't

4. Release - software available for public use. The CVS tree is tagged
and branched off. Bug fixes are applied to the branch, with
occassional merges to the trunk.

Release doesn't mean it is 100% bug-free - it just means that the
release has gone through a resource-contrained QA environment, and
some amount of regression, stress and other testing have been done. It
certainly cannot handle the myriad of possible deployment scenarios,
and hence bugs do come up after releases, which need to be fixed.


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