[Ilugc] Is it Possible to restrict access to an Email id .... from sending mails

Pranesh Krishnan praneshlinux at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 22:53:55 IST 2006

Hi Group

Is there any possibility of restricting access to a person from sending
email to
*                allusers @<cmpy name >.com *

That is

Can we set filters or permissions to an email so that he/she can/cannot
send email to a particular email id.

*Eg :*

      Normal Employee should not send any email  to  all@<cmpy>.com
      and if he /she is trying to send then  the  email should revert back
to his email id .
      ( ie., the from address)

       Company's CEO , VP  etc  should be able to send email to

I hope that i have made my question clear.

Awaiting  reply
Thanks in advance

Warm Regards
        R.Pranesh Krishnan
        91 99860 37692

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