[Ilugc] Which is the most suitable linux distro for me?

Chandrashekar Babu lug at chandrashekar.info
Sat Jun 10 22:04:33 IST 2006


>  This is a kid who uses linux.
>  But I need a distro that supports mp3, and other such music formats, 
>  which has drivers to get the music OUT through my speakers.

Here you go: http://www.mepis.org/ [SimplyMEPIS]

Worked right out of the box for me, and played music(mp3)/videos
(while I tested the old version - 3.3.1 that is). It comes with an easy
to use installer too. 

You could also use Ubuntu/Kubuntu - just that getting it to play
your MP3 songs would require some extra effort.


Chandrashekar Babu.,
Freelance Open Source Software Technologist,

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