[Ilugc] internet config+nokia 3220+DKU-5 cable

Gilbert Raja gilbertraja at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 09:52:08 IST 2006


    Did u tried with Gnokii or Candy? Because these tools having integrated
dialer program . So it may be solve your problem.

On 6/10/06, nava ladi <navalady at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,I am running Debian 3.1 using ubuntu kernel.I mean my debian
> has 2.6.8....But Ubuntu 5.1 has 2.6.12...so my Intel High Def. audio
> is dectected by ubuntu kernel Only...
> Okey come to my actuall question...
> I want to get internet connection through my mobile phone(Nokia 3220)
> with Data cable DKU-5.The actuall drivers for my data cable are loaded
> itself..They are "usbserial" and "pl2303" These loaded by auto
> detected..
> My Airtel phone is GPRS activated.I am using "gnome-ppp" and wvdial"
> But airtel is not using any authendications i mean no username no
> passwd...
> so wvdial always looks for username and passwd..So i guess a my name
> as a username also passwd...i know the phone number of airtel is
> "*99***1#
> And then i ran a wvdial...it goes and initialized and Wating for a
> carrier signal..
> it prints an random numbers ...and tells me that carrier failed.
> The device created is /dev/ttyUSB0.I linked to /dev/modem..
> #ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/modem
> The two drivers is enough for browsing internet?
> Should i need any PC-Suite?
> I also tryied kppp which hangs on connecting..?
> kppp's query modem is perpectly tells me the modem type and everything...
> AFAIK mobile is detected well..and trying..
> The airtel customer Care people is not aware of  Linux Config..
> me also searched in net..
> My BAD luck is...My DKU-5 Cable driver is not loaded by nokia PC-Suite
> 6.8 in WINDOWS XP SP2.
> i think my question is clear.thx pls help.
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