[Ilugc] Reiser FS

Chandrashekar Babu lug at chandrashekar.info
Mon Jun 12 15:18:32 IST 2006


>  Is there any tool to convert the ext3 FS to Reiser FS?

No. You might need to create a new partition with reiserfs
filesystem and migrate all data from your existing ext3 partition
to the newly created reiserfs partition.

>  How do I select Reiser FS while formatting the hard disk
>  or during a new installation.

Create a new filesystem using the 'mkreiserfs' (also named as
'mkfs.reiserfs' in most distributions) command as super-user.

For example, type the following:
    /sbin/mkreiserfs /dev/hda3
as super-user (AT YOUR RISK) to create a new reiserfs 
filesystem on your /dev/hda3 partition. 

Make sure that your kernel has support for reiserfs, and 
also that you have reiserfstools package installed before 
you proceed. Check with your Linux distribution's package
repository and also the kernel config.

AFAIK, RedHat Linux (and Fedora Core) does not support 
installation on reiserfs partition out of the box. Other 
distributions like Debian and its derivates (Ubuntu, Knoppix, 
MEPIS, etc), Slackware, Mandrake, SuSE and Gentoo support 
installation onto reiserfs filesystem as an option.


Chandrashekar Babu.,
Freelance Open Source Software Technologist,

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