[Ilugc] networking application id debian

U M A R amu_314 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 12 22:35:36 IST 2006

hi all,
 When i tried to open netwokring application(Application->systemtools->networking) in debian i got the following error...
 The platform you are running is not supported by this tool.
 If you know for sure that it works like one the platforms listed below.....
 below pop up window has come and listed following distros
 -> Black panther
 -> debian potato
 -> debian woody
 -> debian sarge
 I am not clear why this window is coming while setting up IP of the machine,,I am using my own distro..based on debian sarge+dcc3.0+anaconda installer..Whether any body knows how to avoid this window..

      U M A R   

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