[Ilugc] Google Earth V4 Beta now available for Linux

Sivasankar Chander siva.ilugc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 15:31:44 IST 2006

         FWIW, Google Earth Version 4 Beta is now available
for Linux. Unfortunately, it's a binary-only release, in a proprietary
packaging format (no rpms or debs), but it's still a start. With this,
another major app that required me to access Windoze has
also been ported to GNU/Linux.

     I gave it a whirl on FC3/4, and it worked just fine - it does
require accelerated OpenGL drivers for best results with cards
like an NVidia GeForceX, but it still works fine with the stock
non-accelerated Xorg drivers.

   I took a quick peek at the Shevaroy Hills - too dark to
make out much, but it's all there. Go forth and download!


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