Thyagu rajan citizenofgnu at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 17:01:24 IST 2006

Dear Friends,

Warm greets, This year we are celebrating software freedom day on sept 16
'2006. This falls on a saturday. lets start preparing for it. I am in
correspondance with ELCOT - Chennai for MACHINE/VENUE Support. Mr. Uma
Shanker M.D elcot has given me an appointment for the same. I will update
you as and when development happens.

My personal opnion is that we will not ask any CD/T-Shirt support from
www.softwarefreedomday.org for this time. I beleive that all of us will be
with the saying of Mr.Raman that "Lets not Bleed our supporting
organisation". There was a thread asking for Rs10/- per CD as the consignee
spent for bribing the Constom dept. Even the customs dept made a difficult
task for me in  obtaining the open cd. After all it is wastage of time and
energy going behind these stuff.

So folks pitch in, We have enough time, lets start exploring with lots of
ideas to make the event great success as we did last year.

Thyagarajan Shanmugham.

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