Parthan parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 17:44:06 IST 2006

Thyagu rajan wrote:

> My personal opnion is that we will not ask any CD/T-Shirt support from
> www.softwarefreedomday.org for this time. I beleive that all of us will be
> with the saying of Mr.Raman that "Lets not Bleed our supporting
> organisation". There was a thread asking for Rs10/- per CD as the consignee
> spent for bribing the Constom dept. Even the customs dept made a difficult
> task for me in  obtaining the open cd. After all it is wastage of time and
> energy going behind these stuff.
> So folks pitch in, We have enough time, lets start exploring with lots of
> ideas to make the event great success as we did last year.

1. what about a ilugc t-shirt ?? We planned for one during the 
tiruvannamalai LDD! :)

2. What kind of events are expected to be held... LDD ? Special talks ?

3. Think CDs are no longer a big issues, most people having unlimited 
braodband these days and a wide network for luggies offering help in 
CD-for-grab, don't think we need to ship ubuntu CDs.

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