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On 6/16/06, Parthan <parth.technofreak at gmail.com> wrote:
> We have indeed given a lot of Free CDs in the past, how far had it
> served the purpose.

If 2 people out of 10 even tried to install it is good enough a achievement

Am not meaning giving CDs within the LUG. Just
> giving out free CDs will serve no purpose. We can follow the same idea
> of burning out CDs during the LDDs for the really interestedt guys, who
> have/can get empty CDS.

If you were with the idea of distributing CDs to anyone and everyone who
comes and things like that then it is a *bad* idea. It is always about
asking and getting. Do you think everyone who asks for a CD goes back and
installs?? It is a strong NO.

We should use this opportunity to attract more school crowd, especially
> in the 9,10,11 and 12th standard category.

Good one. 10 and 12  are out of question. May be 9 and 11

We should chart out a plan
> such that rather than just showing things at numerous stalls, we reach
> more deeper into the crowd's minds... We can also try something like
> what we did in thiruvannamalai, where we trained some newbies to handle
> things, so that they learn the right way..

Then LDD will be one way.
@Raman,Srinivasan Please can you update us with how the Thiruvannamalai guys
are doing. What progress has there been after the LDD, etc?

I have already put my thinking caps on :-)

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