Thyagu rajan citizenofgnu at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 23:02:29 IST 2006

Dear Friends,

Warm greets, Mr.Gowri Shankar I.A.S  M.D of Elcot is ready to give support
for Free Open source software. I went to his office, In the verandah  There
was a tux picture which had the caption 'Futuristic Vision"  and in the
right side  of it it was "ELCOT" caption.I went inside his office, Out of
his hectic schedule he spared about 1 hour in discussing about the FLOSS. He
was giving me a demo of SUSE 10.1. It was indeed a good distro. He needs our
proposal , like what sort of support we require from his organiasation in
promoting FLOSS.I said that our organiasation lives on its own and we expect
material support in promoting FLOSS like conducting Linux demos/seminars.

I am attaching a scanned copy of his business card, You can see something
suprising. "We encourage open source softwares". Further he asked us to
praticipate in a yahoo group called egovindia deals about egovernance.

His business card is : http://www.penguinprogress.org/bcard.jpg
Egovindia web address is : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eGovINDIA/

Thanking you,

Thyagarajan Shanmugham.

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