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Shakthi Kannan cyborg4k at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 22:17:16 IST 2006


I have started "One Day One Thirukkural", concept
similar to "One Day One Command" by Bharathi. This is
an example of using GNU/Linux to promote Thirukkural.


Of all the books on Thirukkural, I found the
by Dr. M. Varadarasanar to be the best. 

I visited Mr. Muthukumaraswamy, Manager, The
Thirunelveli Southern India Saivasithananda
Publisher's Office in Alwarpet, Chennai who had
published the book. I convinced him that putting it on
the web was to promote Thirukkural, and also to show
people how we can use GNU/Linux for the same. His only
request was that users shouldn't print it in any form,
and sell it in hard copies.

He is also in touch with Dr. Kalyanakrishnan and his
team at IIT-M, who are working on multi-lingual


For the english translation, I found Thirukkural,
English translation by Sri. V. V. S. Aiyar to be the
best. This is published by Ramakrishnan Tapovanam,
Thiruprayathurai, Tiruchirappali. I sent them a
snail-mail, and I was extremely happy to receive an
inland post-card reply from them giving permission to
publish the english translation online for
non-commercial use. I shall scan the approvals and
upload the same.



Shakthi Kannan

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