[Ilugc] Re: Linux NIS Master

p.sriram sriram at ae.iitm.ac.in
Sat Jun 17 12:18:33 IST 2006

Gopinathan Sathyamoorthy <gsathyam at ...> writes:
> I figured out the problem.
> It's the shadow file Linux NIS does not support shadow only passwd file.

of course not. this very server has been using nis with shadow passwords since
before this list even started! you can use nis in linux with or without shadow -
only your configuration should be appropriate. as mentioned by a previous
poster, when you mix linux and sloaris machines, there are issues with md5
passwords, use of privileged ports - and also shadow passwords. appropriate
config can take care of all three issues. i still suspect your shifting from
shadow to passwd file  was not the solution; did you shift from md5 to des in
the process?


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