[Ilugc] Re: How to add a new protocol type in socket!!

p.sriram sriram at ae.iitm.ac.in
Sat Jun 17 12:22:44 IST 2006

 <shree.kant at ...> writes:
> Can somebody explain me how to add a new protocol type in socket?
>             The requirement is I need to have a heart beat running
> between two cards. Since the Heart beat is exchanged at very high
> speed(typically at a speed of 20 Hz).

there is an alternate and perhaps easier solution for doing this (i had someone
do this for me for the exact same problem). instead of adding a new protocol,
use an existing protocol that you 'know' will not be needed in this application.
your code can then trap all the traffic for this protocol. of course, this may
be frowned on as bad practice since if and when sometime in the future someone
decides they need this 'unused' protocol, there will be nasty surprises.


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