[Ilugc] network card activation

Balaji Narayanan lists at balajin.net
Sat Jun 17 21:06:07 IST 2006

>>>>> "Arul" == Arul  <maran.arul at gmail.com> writes:

    Arul> Dear friends, I am not able to activate the eth1 card.

    Arul> when i run-> ifup eth1, i am getting an error " Determining
    Arul> IP information for eth1 Failed".

    Arul> I looked at the ifcfg-eth script, it fails. in DHCP. I have
    Arul> configured nameserver and default gateway as well.

    Arul> How can i configure DHCP or resolve this problem?


Do you have a DHCP server in your network? And if yes, is it
configured to allocate address to your machine?

Else, you might want to try and assign a static IP address to it as
Shakthi pointed out to see if it works.

Btw, why do you have to configure the nameserver and the default
gateway? They are generally assigned by the DHCP server, if you have one.



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