[Ilugc] network card activation

Balaji Narayanan lists at balajin.net
Sun Jun 18 00:52:04 IST 2006

>>>>> "Arul" == Arul  <maran.arul at gmail.com> writes:

    Arul> Shakthi, i run -> ifconfig eth1 after that ->
    Arul> ifup eth1, it has failed same error"Determining IP
    Arul> information for eth1 Failed".

When you run this, your card is already configured. Can you then try
ping which as you said is your gateway and see if it is

Are you using an ADSL router? If yes, can you look into its config if
it can be configured as a DHCP server?


    Arul> thanks, arul maran

    Arul> On 6/17/06, Shakthi Kannan <cyborg4k at yahoo.com> wrote:
    >>  Hi Arul,
    >> --- Arul <maran.arul at gmail.com> wrote:
    >> > How can i configure DHCP or resolve this problem?
    >> Can you try to assign a static IP address for eth1 and see if
    >> it get assigned? For example:
    >> ifconfig eth1
    >> SK
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BOFH excuse #112:

The monitor is plugged into the serial port

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