[Ilugc] Using CD-RW/DVD+RW on Acer Aspire 3002NLC

R.Ramkumar andyetitmoves at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 20:22:45 IST 2006


I get a combo drive with this laptop Acer Aspire 3002NLC, but
strangely the drive never seems to detect CD-RW's or DVD+RW's. (The
drive seems to vigorously blink for quite some time when the medium is
inserted, and mount after a long time returns "No medium found").
There seem to be no problems with CD-R and DVD-R. I have never
installed Windoze on this machine, so I don't know whether it is an
issue with my configuration. Does anyone have any pointers?

it moves on...

Some info:

uname -a :

Linux moonface 2.6.16-beyond2 #10 PREEMPT Mon May 22 22:56:02 IST 2006
i686 GNU/Linux

ide_cd is compiled in to the kernel. isofs is loaded as a module.

The media I tested with:

Eurovision CD-RW (4x - 12x)
TDK DVD+RW v1.2 Single Sided (1x - 4x)

I tested by burning the medium with cdrecord (on a diff machine, of
course :) ). I have also tried burning on a Windoze machine, with


CD-ROM information, Id: cdrom.c 3.20 2003/12/17

drive name:             hdc
drive speed:            24
drive # of slots:       1
Can close tray:         1
Can open tray:          1
Can lock tray:          1
Can change speed:       1
Can select disk:        0
Can read multisession:  1
Can read MCN:           1
Reports media changed:  1
Can play audio:         1
Can write CD-R:         1
Can write CD-RW:        1
Can read DVD:           1
Can write DVD-R:        0
Can write DVD-RAM:      0
Can read MRW:           0
Can write MRW:          0
Can write RAM:          0


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