[Ilugc] Probably [OT] - still people going to fight against Bill Gates?

balachandar muruganantham mbchandar at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 14:21:42 IST 2006


On 6/19/06, Suresh Ramasubramanian <linux at frodo.hserus.net> wrote:
> Toufeeq Hussain wrote:
> >
> > You should also understand that like FOSS-hackers there are much
> > respected individuals in Microsft/Apple/Oracle who till today garner a
> > lot of respect in computing circles. One should learn to separate the
> > individual from the company before judging someone.
> >
> my advise for impressionable types like balachandar is to stop reading
> slashdot. fast.

thanks for the good advise. but FYI, i never told that had any good
impression on slashdot.

> its a pure waste of time, that ..
i knows its a waste of time. i read those often rarely.

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