[Ilugc] Wiki Restore

Vamsee Kanakala vamlists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 14:54:00 IST 2006

Bharathi Subramanian wrote:
> I am unable to enable the ILUGC wiki login. Kindly mail me the doc/
> links to restore the Wiki. Any experiences in restoring wiki pages,
> Plz share with us. 
I am sorry, I seem to have missed the earlier thread related to this 
topic. But can you explain what is the error you are getting and how you 
are getting it? I had some experience with MediaWiki, and might be able 
to help you. But I would need more info.

Unfortunately, there is no 'standard' way of cleaning up spam-infested 
wiki pages. Since mediawiki stores all the data in mysql, the best thing 
you can do is, go to mysql prompt, collect the spam text patterns, and 
delete the records. Something like:

delete from archive where text like '%st0ck p1ck%';

Since the spammers seem to have signed up for logins automatically, I 
think 'captcha' (image- based) logins would be safer. The latest version 
of Mediawiki comes with this feature, I think.


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