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Chandrashekar Babu lug at chandrashekar.info
Tue Jun 20 07:00:48 IST 2006


>  1.What is future of linux in development side?

Bright [as Kenneth mentioned]

>  2. Perl advantage
>  3. PHP advantage.
>  Please quide me & I start my carrer which is better in my career.

First, learn the fundamental concepts of Linux - architecture, 
shell, commands, editors, basic usage/working knowledge
of development tools, the X Window System's architecture
and networking concepts on Linux. Refer tutorials, 
documentation and reliable sources on the Internet and 
work extensively on the Linux platform to gain enough 
knowledge on these concepts. Ideally, these fundamental 
concepts should turn you into a Linux power-user.

Then, decide on what your interests are - whether you are 
interested in web development, application development,
network programming, system programming and/or 
kernel development. Focus on relevant tools and technology 
based on your interests. 

If possible, try and gain enough breadth as that would lead 
you to more potential oppurtunities as a fresher. 

Chandrashekar Babu.,
Freelance Open Source Software Technologist,

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