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Chandrashekar Babu lug at chandrashekar.info
Tue Jun 20 09:17:38 IST 2006

>  i18n afaik is not on the agenda for either ruby or rubyonrails -  
>  there are third party addons which you have pointed out.

Yes. It seems like the ruby-dev gurus have been busy working
on Ruby2 for quite sometime. Lets hope i18n makes it into their
next major release :-)

i18n support aside, the reason why I suggested learning ruby
was merely for its elegant design. Learning a new language
that make us think differently is definitely a big plus. Assembly
language, C, Forth, Perl, Python, Ruby, LISP are some good 
languages (oh yes, I surely must've missed a couple of others)
worth learning to broaden our thinking (in terms of 

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