[Ilugc] Please guide

Vamsee Kanakala vamlists at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 10:16:00 IST 2006

Chandrashekar Babu wrote:
>>  i18n afaik is not on the agenda for either ruby or rubyonrails -  
>>  there are third party addons which you have pointed out.
> Yes. It seems like the ruby-dev gurus have been busy working
> on Ruby2 for quite sometime. Lets hope i18n makes it into their
> next major release :-)
Just to set the record straight, though i8ln is not in Ruby core, there 
are perfectly workable solutions, both in Ruby and in Rails, like 
gettext (for Ruby), globalize plugin (for rails) etc. Yeah, if they can 
get one of those many options integrated into core, it would be great.

Other than that, the recommendation to check out Ruby is a good one, 
because it is mind-bendingly dynamic, maybe more than Python (seriously, 
that wasn't meant to be a flame ;-). If you're coming from Python, Ruby 
might not seem all that impressive, but if you're coming from Java (like 
me), it's pure poetry.


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