Srinivasan Sundararajan srini.it at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 11:39:41 IST 2006

Dear Thiagu:
Mr. Uma Shankar had come for the NRCFOSS Teachers' Training Programme and
had interacted with the 50 plus college lecturers. Please keep the college
group in mind when you work out various activities.

thanks to your grand show at Arunai, lots of colleges are interested. I had
discussed this with Raman and Bharathi. The idea is to have at least 3-4
one-day workshop plus LDD every month. If we work out a specific
lecture-cum-training schedule, we can cater to multiple colleges on the same
day. At NRCFOSS, we had also discussed with the lecturers about various FOSS
related activities -- elective, project, localisation, etc.

We can set the following target:
a) at least 10 workshop/LDD (if not more) by August end
    -- thereby garner a trained student workforce of 500 and lecturer group
of 50
b) the colleges already in FOSS could conduct at least 20 FOSS awareness
lectures in nearby schools
c) contribute to the content repository (??) -- technical / non-technical
-- am trying to coax the lecturers to product course contents , ported on to
moodle and shared among all colleges
-- organize a group of volunteers to type in technical articles / fiction
(will be able to get people like Sujatha, Jayakanthan allow one or two of
their works to be keyed in and uploaded : they can even write out something
specific for the occasion) -- I would prefer it in Tamil and other Indian
-- in the "national" symposia conducted in colleges, translate at least the
abstracts of top ranking articles [we can think of uploading them in NRCFOSS
portal or some suitable place], if not the full articles ; or else we can
try to bring one sheet per symposia of localised "kalai chorkal" --
technical terms pertaining to the symposium theme.

Well, some of the above could work out, at least it will trigger other ideas
among the group members. Will try to contribute from my end -- personally
and thru our official resources.
Regards, Srinivasan.

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