[Ilugc] Probably [OT] - still people going to fight against Bill Gates?

Binand Sethumadhavan binand at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 09:39:40 IST 2006

On 19/06/06, Suresh Ramasubramanian <linux at frodo.hserus.net> wrote:
> all of slashdot is, and has been for the last few years.
> sifting through tons of crap for << 1% of useful information is not
> really my cup of tea ..

Slashdot is not as bad as you make it look like. If you create and
account and customise it so that only topics that interest you are
shown, it can be a good all-in-one website where the latest tech news
is summarized. If you set comments to 3 or higher, you do get
insightful perspective to the topic under discussion too. I find equal
value in Slashdot and Google news.

To take an example, I am at the moment reading "Microsoft's Mundie to
Continue OSS Outreach". Did anyone here know that Microsoft had
identified OSS as a threat to its business model as far back as 2003
(or maybe, Microsoft identified OSS as a threat to its business only
in 2003, which might explain why it is finding it hard to compete with
Linux ;)?

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