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Hi all,

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> > Dear Thiagu:
> > Mr. Uma Shankar had come for the NRCFOSS Teachers'
> > Training Programme and
> > had interacted with the 50 plus college lecturers.
> > Please keep the college
> > group in mind when you work out various activities.
> >
> The implications of Anna University signing an
> agreement with Microsoft seems to have been completely
> missed by lugc members.All Microsoft agreements with
> colleges and Universities has an exclusive clause.
> Once the agreement comes into force ,I doubt whether
> you will be allowed to hold a LDD in any of the
> colleges affliated to Anna University.
> TPD.

If this is true, then M$ is clever in Business.Anyways, Anna University
would belive an Organisation than LUG i suppose , becoz he is also into
Business, which is Education.

Guys, am sorry to tell, but i always think, we should showcase ourselves as
a small Organisation and say we come from LUG to people which would make
them feel that we are Professionals.For colleges/universities, the name
Microsoft is enough, they would faint, thats becoz they have captured the
market.We have to focus ourselves with a Solution in hand and approach them,
rather telling, "there are thousands of options one can have in FOSS than in
M$".Think, who would see what are those thousand options, everybody looks
whether his/her work can be done or not.They would just tell you, "Give me
one solution and it should solve my problem".

What i would suggest is, if LUG thinks Ubuntu or any other distro seems to
be good for newbies where it eases many of the works and also has tons of
applications including support for Windows (for new users),good
tutorials,good business softwares,good games collection,good educational
bundles,good media bundles etc.,take that distro, and approach the
people.Insimple terms, market the distro, but with a GPL
License.Sometimes, people think twice if its given for free :).The Support
should be there 24x7.If we approach as LUG and tell them LUG can give
support, how many would be available 24x7 to those colleges/universities and
sometimes we also need to go there in person too.

Now Linux is seeing a new World out there in Business/Educations/Desktops,
people are expecting more and more new things which can make their work
easier and if we dont take this oppurtunity and leave Microsoft to Market
his product, i think the situtaion of GNU/Linux would be the same as how it
is now.

These are just my thoughts.

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