[Ilugc] Please guide

Gopalarathnam Venkatesan gopal at gopalarathnam.com
Tue Jun 20 14:26:41 IST 2006

On 06/20/06 14:26, Chakkaradeep C C wrote:
> If you want to edit and change a particular line in a file, i would 
> change it in one command using sed and if that was to changed according 
> to user input, i would parse the user input with awk and then pass on to 
> sed statement and overall again its only one command.

We might do that but Binand can use "perl -pi" to achieve that.

Every tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, and its not worth 
the effort to fight for Perl vs Awk or anything.

If you're using sed, fine continue to use it.  If you're using Perl, 
well you're not a sinner ;-)

Gopalarathnam Venkatesan


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