[Ilugc] Please guide

Binand Sethumadhavan binand at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 11:32:38 IST 2006

On 20/06/06, Gopalarathnam Venkatesan <gopal at gopalarathnam.com> wrote:
> In my years of experience in Unix, I've remained away from Perl, I
> almost never needed it.
> I believe you're like those folks that think Perl is panacea.

I'm not, everything I have said in this thread can be equally applied
to PHP, Python etc. too. You yourself admitted that there were times
when you needed PHP.

Further, if you have stayed away from Perl, I'd like to know how you
can take an informed decision about whether it is better or worse than
awk, for example. Only by using perl you can appreciate its qualities
that make it superior to awk or sed.


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