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R.Ramkumar andyetitmoves at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 15:46:56 IST 2006

> This is what I'm questioning. Just because Sed/Awk exists, why should
> a system administrator be forced to use them? Newer tools will come,
> obsoleting older ones; resisting them will not stop them from gaining
> acceptance, and will only make one fall behind in keeping up with
> technological advances.

It's not the question of falling behind. It's the question of need. I
know that Sed/Awk is quite powerful, but it is just that I happened to
learn perl first. Or rather, I learnt sed s/// first, and then Perl.
So, I use sed s/// for simple replacements, but anything more complex,
I switch to Perl. Not because Sed/Awk can't do it... I know that many
of the Perl scripts I have written have equivalents in Sed/Awk... but
just that I haven't bothered using the advanced features of Sed/Awk
because I already have a tool which does the job perfectly, and with
very little coding effort. Just because Perl contains a superset of
features in Sed/Awk, it doesn't mean that one should stop using the
smaller utilities, when the problem is simple enough!

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